New, worldwide clinical research study for liver cancer happening in Dayton

Dayton Physicians NetworkA clinical study is a carefully conducted, controlled investigation used to uncover more effective ways to prevent, diagnose, treat, and understand human disease. As of February 2018, lists more than 265,600 clinical research studies going on in the United States and 203 other countries.

Performed by both public and private research organizations using volunteer patients, the focus can vary greatly from clinical drug trials and behavioral studies, to new surgical procedures or medical devices. To participate, patients must meet the proper inclusive criteria for the study and are provided with details as to the purpose, benefits, and potential risks involved.

Once accepted into the program, patients are given a specific protocol to follow, and the research team monitors the results over a specific time. After completion, the results from test sites around the world are compiled by the study sponsor and made available to the entire medical research community.

Dayton Physicians Network is leading the way in clinical research as the first site to open and enroll patients in a new, worldwide cancer study. The DPN trial is a phase III, hepatocellular (liver) cancer research study to examine the use of a new type of medication that works in a different way than those currently available.

Joshua Cox, Pharm. D., is a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist and the director of pharmacy and research at Dayton Physicians Network. Cox and his team at DPN’s Clinical Research Center are giving patients right here in the Miami Valley access to the latest cancer research, even before it’s available at any other cancer center in the world.

“Most people think that, in order to participate in a clinical trial, you must go to somewhere like Mayo Clinic to access the most progressive and innovative research, but that isn’t the case,” Cox says. DPN has created this new clinical research program for patients who have used traditional therapies and would like access to the most recent therapeutic breakthroughs and technology.

Dayton Physicians Network is a progressive organization, building a robust, innovative cancer research program here in Dayton. As the first to open the liver cancer study, our program offers patients direct and local access to a rapidly changing medical research landscape.

The clinical program also has helped to establish Dayton Physicians Network as a player on the world stage of oncology and hematology research. Besides the benefit to Dayton-area patients, DPN’s clinical research also advances knowledge and patient care methods used by the worldwide scientific community for all types of cancer.

“There are many privately owned oncology practices around the country but few that are as progressive and involved as we are,” Cox says. “Not only is it something to be proud of that we have that level of advanced care here in Dayton, but also to recognize that it’s available close to home.”

Oncology treatments are improving at a breakneck pace, and Dayton Physicians Network is working to bring patients the latest research and the highest-quality care. If you or a loved one needs an oncologist or hematologist, you can be confident that Dayton has available world-class treatment equal to that of the larger, more commonly known facilities in Columbus or Cleveland.

Dayton Physicians Network is conducting a wide range of clinical trials on many types of cancer, including breast, prostate, and liver. Patients interested in participating should contact the research coordinator at the Clinical Research Center at 937-771-2287937-771-2287, or visit the Research Center’s website.

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