Welcome to Telemedicine!

Video Visits

A video visit with your Dayton Physicians Network provider is convenient, secure, and HIPAA-compliant. You don’t need to download a special app or software. No lengthy registration process is required. Getting started is fast and easy.

Please call our office at 937-293-1622 to request and schedule a video visit. Online appointments are appropriate for many types of appointment. We will determine if your appointment type is appropriate for an online visit. If you’ll take the visit on your phone, you’ll receive a text with a link for the visit. If you’ll take the visit on your computer, you’ll receive an email with a link.

A few minutes before your appointment is to begin, click on the link you were sent. You will be taken to a check-in screen. Choose your provider’s name, and you’ll go to the check-in screen. If you’re still having trouble, please call our office at 937-293-1622

On the check-in screen, enter your name. Click on the check-in button. You will also be asked to enable your camera.

You’ll move to the waiting room, where you will wait briefly before your provider joins you and begins the visit. In the waiting room, you’ll give your consent to participate in a video visit. You can also watch a quick video on how the visit works.

Soon your provider will appear on your screen and your visit begins.

Tips For a Great Video Visit

Use a PC or Mac computer with one of these browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

Or you can also use one of these smart phones/browsers: Apple with iOS Safari browser, or Android with Chrome browser.

Your device must have a camera and microphone.

Before checking in, please make sure you have strong WiFi. Also, you may want to close other programs.