Our Promise To You

Referral process and our promise to you.

We want the referral process to be quick and easy for you and your staff. Our referral forms have all the information you need to refer your patient to us; simply select the appropriate form, then send the referral and requested records to us.

Once we receive the referral and the requested records, we will schedule the appointment, contact the patient directly and then notify your office of the appointment. We promise to contact the patient with an appointment date and time within 1-3 days of the request. If you or the patient prefers to have the appointment scheduled before leaving your office, simply call us and we will schedule your patient’s appointment on the spot.

Urgent Referrals

If your patient has an urgent need, please call us right away so that we can discuss what is happening with your patient. If needed, we may even have you to send the patient right over to be seen by a specialist. We want to do everything we can to help. We want you to refer to us with confidence, knowing that we understand and share your concern.

Commitment To Collaborative Care

Our multi-specialty group includes highly trained and experienced radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, urologists and support staff who are dedicated to providing care for your patients in the same way you do. We know how important it is to work together to treat patients, and we want to be sure you remain engaged in your patients’ care. We promise to communicate with you and collaborate with any other specialists involved so that you can remain at the helm of your patient’s care.