Chemotherapy Classes

Dayton Physicians Network offers a weekly chemotherapy class at, Greater Dayton Cancer Center, Miami Valley Hospital North, Miami Valley Hospital South, Wayne Cancer Center and Upper Valley Medical Center. Please call 937-293-1622 for schedule information.


  • Empower You With Knowledge
  • Minimize Stress, Anxiety And Treatment Related Challenges
  • Provide Information About Your Specific Treatment Plan
  • Offer Tools And Resources For Your Cancer Treatment Journey
  • Become Acquainted With Our Staff And Services
  • Work Together For Your Healing Process


  • Cancer Overview
  • Cancer Treatment
    • Types Of Treatments
    • How To Prepare
    • How Treatments Are Given
    • How To Manage Possible Side Effects
    • Understanding Why You May Or May Not Have Side Effects
  • Know Your Co-pays And Insurance
    • Pharmacy Support
    • Integrative Therapy
    • Guide To Supplemental Therapies
    • Nutrition Resources
    • Caregiver Support
    • About Advance Directives
    • Life On Treatment