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Did you know Dayton Physicians Network can fill many of the prescriptions that are written during your visit? Most pharmacies do not carry the specialty medications commonly prescribed by our physicians. Our Pharmacy Services Department has these medications ready for you, and will navigate through the complexities associated with insurance coverage. Our staff is here for you, and has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure you receive the medications you need as quickly and as affordably as possible.

We will obtain prior authorization for you to assure your medications are covered under your insurance. We know that cancer related medications can be costly to you; therefore, we provide financial counseling and will navigate you through the co-pay assistance process because we’re here for you when you need us most!

Our pharmacy team is knowledgeable about the medications prescribed by your physician and is available to answer any questions about your prescription. When you choose our prescription services, you can be confident in knowing we’re here for your prescription needs.

Joshua Cox

For More Information about Dayton Physicians Pharmacy Services Click one of the options below:

Contact a member of our pharmacy team at 937-245-6320

Our pharmacists have the clinical expertise you need. Call the pharmacy at 937-245-6320 and ask to speak to the pharmacist.

Contact a member of our pharmacy team at 937-245-6320

A Dayton Physicians Pharmacy team member can help determine what options are best for you if your insurance plan

If you have received information regarding a medication recall, please contact the pharmacy at 937-245-6320 for more information about next steps.

The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy and the Drug Enforcement Agency have excellent resources regarding drug disposal.

For information regarding the disposal of controlled substances like pain medication:

For information regarding the disposal of non-chemotherapy medications:

If you have chemotherapy medications requiring disposal, contact one of our pharmacy team members, they can help determine the safest options for you.

Our pharmacy team members are experts in determining where and how to obtain even the most specialized medications. Give us a call and we’ll start the process with you.

Need to transfer a prescription? No problem, ask a member of your desired pharmacy to contact us; we’ll be happy to help.

In the unlikely event an emergency or disaster prevents you from getting your medications from Dayton Physicians Pharmacy, our pharmacy team will make alternate arrangements to get you the medications you need. Call us at 937-245-6320 and listen for the instructions we have provided regarding what to do in the case of an emergency or disaster. For more information on how to plan for a disaster or emergency, click here.

Dayton Physicians Pharmacy works closely with a dedicated team of Financial Counselors who are experts in finding resources to help reduce the financial burden associated with some treatments. Contact a pharmacy team member, and we will connect you with a Financial Counselor with the expertise you are looking for.

Cancer treatments are evolving but the high costs coupled with high copays and coinsurance of new approaches has been a challenge, forcing many patients to choose less effective or less convenient treatment routes.

When most people hear the word “chemotherapy” they think of intravenous chemotherapy, which requires a cancer patient to visit a clinic or other medical office and receive drugs that are delivered with an IV inserted into a large vein.

Oral chemotherapy is a lesser known but rapidly growing treatment approach that allows patients to receive their therapy in the form of a tablet or capsule. Oral therapy not only offers patients a broader range of treatment options, but also allows patients to receive their treatment in the convenience of their own home.

While intravenous chemotherapy is largely covered by insurance programs, oral chemotherapy is costly and can be challenging to afford.

“One oral chemotherapy drug can cost as little as $200 a month or as much as $17,000 a month,” says Director of Pharmacy Services and Research at Dayton Physician Network Joshua Cox, Pharm.D., BCPS, R.Ph. “Beyond that, prescriptions typically have no out-of-pocket cap so patients have to pay for the drug every time they pick it up.”

The cost of oral chemotherapy drugs has prohibited some patients from taking them. As many as 10% of patients fail to pick up their prescription medication to begin treatment because they are unable to cover the cost.

Identifying opportunity

Cancer treatment is dynamic in that as a patient responds or doesn’t respond to certain drugs, their treatment protocol and prescriptions change. This can leave patients who are being treated through oral chemotherapy with leftover pills.

“For years, we’ve had patients bring in expensive oral chemotherapy medications they’re no longer using and ask if they can donate them to patients who are unable to afford them,” says Dr. Cox.

“However, legislation has historically prevented us from re-administering these drugs and the pills would end up in the trash.”

Changing legislation

Cox is currently serving his second term as a member of the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy. In the third quarter of 2019 Cox and his fellow board members started reviewing statutes around drug repository programs that would enable pharmacies to accept unused cancer medications donated by patients and dispense them to other patients in need.

“The Board of Pharmacy reviewed the statutes that were passed by state legislators, and we were able to change the rules to allow for drug repository programs to now include cancer drugs,” says Cox. “These actions created the possibility for cancer drug recycling programs to exist in the state of Ohio.”

The revised code for operating a drug repository program went into effect on October 3, 2019 and Dayton Physician’s Network was the first network in the state of Ohio to adopt a cancer drug recycling program.

Making a difference

“The Dayton Physician Pharmacy Team started accepting oral chemotherapy drugs in October 2019 and was very quickly receiving tens of thousands of dollars of donated drugs into our inventory,” says Dr. Cox. “We have now re-dispensed hundreds of thousands of dollars of those drugs to patients in need.”

Dayton Physician’s Network is leading the way in innovating not only the way patients have access to medications but also the way to high quality and high value care through comprehensive cancer treatment programs that include an integrated hematology and oncology team, chemotherapy classes, and clinical trials.

“The cancer drug recycling program is providing treatment to cancer patients who otherwise would not have received these medications due to an inability to pay,” says Cox. “It is making a huge difference in our community.”

“I want people who are currently being treated for cancer or those who have a loved one who is being treated to know this program is out there so if they identify an opportunity to donate, they know where to take unused medications,” says Cox. Any patient with unused oral chemotherapy drugs can donate to a pharmacy with a cancer drug repository like the one at Dayton Physicians Network.

“I also want anyone who is receiving treatment for cancer and in a situation where they are struggling to pay for medications to know this program is available,” says Cox. “Cost should no longer be a reason a cancer patient does not get the treatment they need.”

  • “Last fall I was diagnosed with cancer. It was determined that I could be treated with a certain medication, but Dr. Romer had to file a prior authorization with the insurance company before I could get started on this medication because it was very, very expensive. I was feeling very sick at the time, and it was going to be a matter of weeks before the insurance would kick in. That’s when the pharmacist at your pharmacy in Governor’s place helped us get a free 2-week supply of that medication with the Repository program. Within a few days of starting the medication, I felt noticeably better. We appreciate the repository program helping me out and would like to send a donation so that others might be able to be helped also, with the difficult journey of cancer care.”
  • "I drive past an amazing number of pharmacies to come to your pharmacy on Governors Place. I do that because your staff is truly the best in the city, and I would argue, better than anywhere I have ever been. You know me by name, which is an amazing feat. When I call Kroger or Walmart and even just say hello, instead of saying hi, they just ask “date of birth?” You provide delivery service as well, without an increase in cost! That does, admittedly, save me several trips. And your team is fun to work with and will take time out to either share a story, or listen to a story, when nobody else is waiting! As long as I am able, your pharmacy is my pharmacy for life! Thank you for whatever you’re doing serve this community, because it’s working"

Joshua Cox, Pharm.D., BCPS
Director of Pharmacy

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