Paxman Scalp Cooling Financial Assistance


It may be that you do not qualify for assistance from a foundation, but do not feel you can afford scalp cooling as an out of pocket expense.

Visit the financial support page on our website:

For more information on foundations, financial support information and preferential pricing, visit our website and make sure to enquire at your site.

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Unfortunately, more often than not, scalp cooling is an out of pocket expense. We are working with payers to do everything we can to ensure that this won’t be the case in the future, but in the meantime, there are ways to find financial support for cold capping.

There are lots of foundations that may be able to help you cover at least some of the costs of scalp cooling. Each foundation has different criteria as to who they support, often based around Federal Poverty Level, though this is not always the case. Make sure that you do you research and know what you qualify for.

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Another reason to ensure that you have foundation support is that you will qualify for the preferential foundation pricing structure, which is a discount of 25% on all of your treatments. This means that even if the foundation only covers the cost of only one treatment, all other treatments will still be charged at the preferential rate.

It is important to ensure that you have funding in place before the enrollment form is completed, as retrospective funding is generally not an option.

Once you have been approved for funding, you will be provided with a letter of confirmation which should be handed to your physician and faxed into the Paxman Hub with your completed enrollment form.

The most important thing you can do is to be proactive about wanting to scalp cool. Visit our website to find out the foundation support options that are available in your area. Don’t hesitate to speak to your Nurse Navigator or Social Worker as they may be able to provide you with additional support and information.

Standard Pricing Information:

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There’s a community of people who are going through the same things as you are on our Facebook Group.

If you are looking for help and support from people who are or have been through cold capping, you may find our Facebook Group useful. It’s a private international community with a really positive outlook, who can give you advice and guidance on what scalp cooling was like for them.

Site/Hospital Foundations:

It is not unusual that a site or hospital will have its own fundraising departments or foundations. It is always worth checking with your Nurse Navigator or Social Worker to see if there is any funding that would be an option for you.

Please see our locator to identify if your site has its own foundation.

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National Foundations:

HairToStay is a national US organization dedicated to increasing access to scalp cooling for patients with financial need while educating the public and health professionals about the benefits of scalp cooling.

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State Foundations:

You can view a list of foundations within your state by visiting our Financial Support
page on:

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