Xofigo-Therapy for Prostate Cancer Bone Pain

Gregory Rasp, MD

Bone pain due to metastatic prostate cancer hurts; we’re here for you with a new treatment to ease your pain.

An exciting new drug has been released for patients with metastatic prostate cancer to bone. Xofigo is a radioactive drug that homes in on just the areas in the bone where cancer is active. Once there, it gets taken into the bone and gives off a radioactive alpha particle to shrink the cancer. An alpha particle is a helium nucleus that consists of two protons and two electrons. Since it is relatively heavy, it does not travel very far in the body. That means it gives the cancer almost all of its “punch” with very little collateral damage.

Approved by the FDA in mid-2013 this drug has fewer side effects than most Chemotherapy regimens. It also appears to have fewer side effects than other similar radiopharmaceuticals. That’s great news for our patients. Even better, Xofigo has been shown in randomized trials to improve survival for prostate cancer patients suffering from bone metastases and delay the onset of progression of cancer. Our experience with administering the drug has been very positive, many of the patients receiving this treatment have enjoyed less pain and better quality of life.

Xofigo is not for everyone. A patient should have painful bone metastases from prostate cancer without spread to liver or lungs. They also should have failed front line hormone therapy before trying Xofigo.

Ask your doctor if Xofigo might be right for you.