Multiparametric MRI/Transrectal Ultrasound Fusion



Multiparametric MRI/Transrectal Ultrasound Fusion

Multiparametric MRI/Transrectal Ultrasound Fusion is a new modality that now is available at Miami Valley Hospital and Dayton Physicians Urology.  Many patients with an elevated PSA undergo prostate biopsy using standard transrectal ultrasound guidance. When the biopsy result is negative, and the PSA continues to rise, it is not uncommon for patients to undergo 3 and 4 sets of prostate biopsies. This can prove frustrating for both physician and patient. Now we have a technique available that can minimize the number of biopsies needed to diagnose cancer.

Although MRI of prostate has been available for years, 3TMRI is now available, which provides better resolution. Using this MRI, a multiparametric MRI can be performed to better identify lesions that may represent prostate cancer.  Then a fusion biopsy is performed. Fusing MRI images with real time transrectal ultrasound so that both targeted and systematic biopsies can be performed.  This results in a higher degree of accuracy in detecting cancer. This technique had been found to diagnose more clinically relevant prostate cancer.

Currently, it is felt that this technique is best suited for the patient who has a rising PSA despite a prior negative prostate biopsy.

Multiparametric MRI with or without biopsy has also been used in patients who have prostate cancer and have chosen active surveillance or to help confirm patients are possibly eligible for active surveillance. MRI can be useful for surgical planning, to assess whether a nerve sparing prostatectomy can be performed.  This technique can also be used to better stage prostate cancer, to detect whether prostate cancer has spread beyond the prostate or or whether seminal vesicles or pelvic lymph nodes are involved.

At Dayton Physicians Network we use cutting edge technology, right here, close to home.  Talk to your doctor to determine if this test is an option for you.

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