2015 NCCN Guidelines for Patients: Multiple Myeloma

Updated resource for patients with Multiple Myeloma The National Comprehensive Cancer Network patient resource 2015 NCCN Patient Guidelines: Multiple Myeloma is now available. The updated version includes important changes to the recommended therapy options and combinations sections in the treatment guide.  This guide also provides basic multiple myeloma information such as tests for myeloma, overview…

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Alpha Blockers and Kidney Stones

              According to the latest study in Urology Times- July 27, 2015  patients may benefit from treatment with tamsulosin, an alpha blocker for larger kidney stones. At Dayton Physicians Network we stay informed and we want you to be informed too.  You can count on us to know the…

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Dayton’s First MRI Ultrasound Fusion Guided Prostate Biopsy

            Dayton Physicians Network urologists perform first-ever MRI ultrasound fusion guided prostate biopsies in the Miami Valley area   We are proud to offer the MRI ultrasound fusion guided prostate biopsy, the first major advancement in prostate biopsies in 25 years. This technology is only one part of Dayton Physicians…

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