Welcome, History, Mission, Vision, Core Values

Vision, Mission, and Core Values


We will create a culture and environment that supports the delivery of patient centered urology care while honoring the professional growth and self care needs of our employees and providers.


We will be the Quality Leaders in the delivery of Urologic care for the patients that we serve. We will achieve this by putting our patients first with everything we think, say and do.

Core Values


  • Be open minded to diverse ideas
  • Listen with positive intent
  • Put team before self
  • Be transparent


  • Focus on what matters
  • Learn from failure
  • Continuously improve


  • Exceed expectations
  • Accountability
  • Have self-honesty to admit when we are wrong
  • Have the courage to change


  • Care about the patients and your fellow workers
  • Honor our commitments
  • Be humble and compassionate


  • Don’t settle for what is easy
  • Stand up for what we believe
  • Dare to be great, not perfect