The Impact Of Tobacco On Urological Health

Background: Smoking and the use tobacco can harm nearly every organ in the human body. The smoke from cigarettes contains a mix of 7,000 toxic chemicals. Tobacco use, cigarettes, and long-term secondhand smoke exposure are leading modifiable causes of many urologic conditions. These include the following:

*Increased risk of bladder cancer- Smoking/tobacco use causes harmful chemicals to collect in the urine which effect the lining of the bladder, increasing your chances of bladder cancer.

*Increased risk of kidney cancer- Your kidneys are responsible for filtering the blood. Repeated exposure to the chemicals being filtrated from tobacco can lead to this cancer.

*Increased risk of kidney stones- Studies show that cigarette smoke contains many elements and chemicals that aid in kidney stone formation. Smoking cessation can decrease your risk of kidney stones.

*Increased risk for infertility- Smoking alters the genetic makeup of a male’s sperm and female’s eggs. The infertility rate of smokers is DOUBLE the rate of non-smokers.

*Increased risk of erectile dysfunction (ED)- ED is caused by poor blood flow to the penis. Smoking harms blood vessels, which in turn impacts blood flow to the body, including the penis

*Increased bladder symptoms, such as frequency, due to irritation. May also cause leaking of urine due to coughing spasms

Please speak with your healthcare provider regarding concerns with the above health issues and help with smoking cessation.
Please do not hesitate to contact our office with questions or concerns.

Reference: Urology Care Foundation(2017). The Impact of Smoking/Vaping on Your Urological Health. Linthicum, MD.