After Hours Cancer Care

At this time we are no longer accepting walk-in appointments

Call us first (937-293-1622) for any symptoms you may be experiencing during your treatment.

No one wants to wait for hours in the emergency department when they are feeling sick. When patients call us first, we can determine the best way to solve their problems much more rapidly and conveniently in the clinic without the need to go to the emergency department. Because Dayton Physicians has an electronic health record, all of our doctors and providers have the patient’s medical history at their fingertips. So we can provide the most comprehensive care without delay.

Dayton Physicians has specialized personnel answering our phones in our call center. This ensures every call will be received for billing, scheduling, or medical problems and routed to the appropriate medical professionals. Expertly trained oncology triage nurses will ask questions regarding patient’s symptoms; this will help the nurses to figure out how urgently patients need to be seen.

Additionally, the oncology nurses will be asking specific questions which were developed to help us take care of patients promptly and efficiently. We have given our nurses instructions to order certain lab tests for certain problems and can have patients seen immediately by one of our providers. This process has been proven to get patients the right care at the right place at the right time!

At Dayton Physicians Network, we work as a TEAM to care for you. Our experienced oncologists, advanced practice schedulers, nurses, lab technicians, medical assistants, schedulers, operators and financial advocates are all important members of your team. Everyone has a role to play in getting you whatever is needed as rapidly as possible.

Dayton Physicians Network Oncology After Hours Cancer Care, formerly known as, Medical Home is one of only seven institutions in the nation to attain Commission on Cancer Accreditation in 2015. This recognition distinguishes Dayton Physicians Network as one of the nation’s premier community cancer practices.

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